Why Use Waterjet Cutting Technology
If you are a manufacturer, there are many materials that you need to cut. Today the latest in cutting technology is waterjet cutting. There are many benefits for the manufacturer who uses waterjet cutting which we will discuss for the remainder of this article.

The first thing you need to know before we go to the benefits of using waterjet cutting is that there are two kinds of methods of waterjet cutting that can be used by manufacturers and these are the pure waterjet cutting and the abrasive waterjet cutting. If you are cutting soft materials like foam or paper, you use the pure waterjet cutting which uses only water stream for cutting. But if you are cutting hard materials like metals or ceramics, then you use the abrasive water jet cutting which uses granular abrasives which is added to the water stream. These abrasives make the power of the cutting stream greater. Read on  cnc water jet cutter

One benefit of using waterjet cutting is its versatility. It can cut any material whether plastics, stone or rock, composites, metals, rubber, and glass. If you add granular abrasives to your waterjet cutting machines then it can cut materials up to a thickness of 200 mm.

Another major benefit of using waterjet cutting is that is uses a cold cutting method which results in no heat affected zone. With cold cutting, the result is clean cuts. It also increases the safety of the operator since he is not at risk of getting burns.

Waterjet cutting is a cold cutting method. And because it is such, then there is no heat exposure. This is critical for many materials like metal which does not get distorted since there is no heat involved. You then get a smooth and burr-free cut.

With waterjet cutting, the cutting is very precise. Because of this you don't need any additional finishing process. It save you time since the cutting process is very fast. It also increase the overall cutting efficiency. Also visit  this site

Today, industries are getting more conscious of using processes that are environmentally friendly. Since waterjet cutting does not produce any hazardous waste then this is beneficial to industries. Waterjet cutting does not create fumes and gases like what other cutting technologies do.

These are some of the benefits of using waterjet cutting technology. If you are manufacturer of goods, then this is the best method to use when cutting materials both soft and hard. If you use this cutting method, then you can be sure to gain the benefits give above. View  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpDpnmyYraQ